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Global Expat Guide

What’s an Expat Anyway?

What’s an Expat Anyway?

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Global Expat Guide Categories
  1. Expat Finance Expat Finance International tax, money transfer, buying property abroad and more.
  2. Expat Insurance Expat Insurance How to protect everything from your house to your pet while living overseas.
  3. Expatriation Expatriation Thinking about working overseas? Here’s what it takes to make a new country home.
  4. Moving Abroad Moving Abroad From moving checklists to bringing your pets, here are our expert tips for relocating.
  5. Working Abroad Working Abroad Whether it’s a short assignment or a new start, here’s what it takes to build a global career.
  6. Living Abroad Living Abroad From staying safe to settling in, here’s how to make your expat experience a success.
  7. Cross-Cultural Communication Cross-Cultural Communication There’s more to being understood than just language!
  8. Culture Shock Culture Shock What it is, what to expect, and how to cope with this everyday expat challenge.
  9. Family & Relationships Family & Relationships Dating as an expat, multicultural relationships, third-culture kids and more.
  10. Expat Women Expat Women From medical checklists to gender roles, explore the varied lives of women living abroad.
  11. Repatriation Repatriation What to expect when you decide to move back and why it isn’t the “easy bit”.
  12. Country & City Guides Country & City Guides Find valuable, expat-relevant information about your new country or city of residence abroad.

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